IoT Security Solutions: Made Simple, Made Global

Security is moving beyond basic alarm monitoring. New capabilities are being added to enhance and improve security solutions. The use of real-time, full-motion video and still picture transmission allows alarm and security companies to view a location in real-time prior to taking action. Remote IoT alarm monitoring enables companies to disregard false alarms without incurring the cost of going to the location in question, in addition to avoiding unnecessary law enforcement dispatch. Additionally, user interaction with home or business security systems allows for notifications to a mobile phone as well as remote user control thanks to IoT wireless security solutions.

IoT Remote Security Connectivity

KORE understands what it takes to deliver comprehensive, unparalleled wireless data solutions, and we have partnered with leading security technologies to bolster the IoT in the security industry. Our partnerships with security companies allow us to provide integrated IoT wireless security solutions optimized for the security industry, including high-performance network technologies such as LTE. KORE offers security-specific options including mobile-originated and mobile-dispatched voice services; low, exception-based pricing models; and highly redundant connectivity between the KORE network operations center and customer networks.