As the healthcare industry changes, there are new concerns about privacy and cost management. To achieve new levels of efficiency and accuracy while protecting patient privacy and ensuring regulatory compliance, healthcare providers need real-time visibility into diagnostic data, patient records, inventory, health alerts, and more. Our health and fitness monitoring solutions provides the right tools to help healthcare providers better allocate their time to patient care.


Transform the patient experience with wearables

The healthcare industry has been quick to adopt connected medical devices as they can help providers offer a better standard of care while also improving efficiency and lowering operational costs. One of the biggest applications for IoT in the healthcare sphere is wearable devices that allow for remote monitoring of different vital signs and health stats. Wearable healthcare devices allow providers and facilities to stay connected to patients and consumers to gain better visibility into their health.

Provide greater control over health outcomes

Perhaps the greatest benefit of IoT-enabled wearable healthcare devices is that they provide individuals with the information they need to gain better control over their health outcomes. Wearable devices are in high demand because they offer individuals greater visibility into their health status, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their health:

  • Individuals can monitor different fitness, health, and wellness factors to track progress toward health goals.
  • Those with health conditions that need to be closely monitored can use a wearable device to track important health indicators on a day-to-day basis.
  • Patients can share data from their wearable devices with their healthcare providers to provide physicians and other medical staff with a more detailed understanding of conditions.
  • Consumers can also connect their devices to social networks, which helps them motivate one another toward healthier living.

Provide better patient monitoring capabilities

As the world population rises and healthcare costs continue to skyrocket, more individuals and organizations across the healthcare industry are looking for ways to reduce costs and improve patient care. Hospitals, healthcare professionals, and device manufacturers are harnessing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve patient safety and provide better customer experiences through remote health condition monitoring.

Change the way you deliver healthcare services

The Internet of Things is helping healthcare providers offer new services and solutions through remote health condition monitoring. Not to mention, collecting data in real-time helps improve operational efficiency for organizations throughout the healthcare industry:

  • Healthcare providers can access real-time patient data frequently, giving them better visibility into patient health and allowing them to provide timely support and treatment.
  • Physicians can serve more patients by allowing some individuals to return home to finish treatment while medical staff continues to monitor their condition remotely.
  • Healthcare companies are expanding their in-home services by using remote condition monitoring to offer new independent living solutions designed for aging and disabled populations.

Be part of the future of healthcare

The wearables market shows no signs of stopping. As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), you can be a part of this revolution in healthcare services by creating smart wearable solutions that allow individuals to gain greater insight into their health status and stay connected to healthcare providers and medical facilities. IoT solutions developed specifically for healthcare make it possible to:

  • Keep consumers connected to the cloud no matter where they go, so that their devices can transmit vital data back to the appropriate parties.
  • Help healthcare providers get the information they need when they need it by integrating the data into medical systems.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance by offering greater protection of important patient data through the proven security of mobile networks.
  • Access usage data that allows you to better understand how consumers are using your products in order to make improvements and enhancements to the device and its features.

Enhance the patient experience

Remote health condition monitoring is changing the way that patients receive vital healthcare services. The ability for healthcare providers to track vital signs and other health status indicators in real time not only impacts patient outcomes, but it can also help reduce costs:

  • With access to real-time patient data, medical providers can make smarter and quicker decisions about treatment, helping prevent emergencies and reduce hospital readmissions.
  • Patients are able to extend their care with at-home services, reducing the costs associated with lengthy hospital stays.